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Chappaqua Newspaper Archives

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Search local news publications from 1754 to 2013.

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Consumer Reports

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Research thousands of products with test results, ratings, recommendations and buying guides.
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LinkedIn Learning

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Video courses taught by industry-recognized experts to help you learn technology, creative, and business skills.
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NoveList K-8 Plus

Reading suggestions for ages 0-8, 9-12, and teens! Search titles by plot, read-alikes, curriculum and more.
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The Shelf

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Disfruta del mejor contenido premium en streaming. Música, películas, series, canales de TV, artes escénicas, podcasts, juegos y más. Spanish language multimedia entertainment.
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Tumble Books Library

Tumble Books Library
Free access to children’s books, videos, and games using a web-enabled device. 
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24/7 expert 1-to-1 academic and job support for learners from K–12 through college, graduate school, continuing education, and career.
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University of Fashion

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Brings together the best fashion industry professionals to create lessons that inspire and educate students, teachers, home sewers and the fashion curious.

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