Stars Above by Marisa Meyer

Even though for the most part, Winter wrapped up the Lunar Chronicles pretty well, there were still some things that were unfinished. This collection of stories, explains any last questions that fans of the series might have, as well as providing an epilogue that takes us beyond the end of Winter. There are nine stories total, all of which are well written, but some of my personal favorites were:

The Keeper: An explanation as to how Cinder ended up living with Michelle and Scarlet. But there’s more to it than that, the reader also learns a little bit more about Scarlet and how she came to live with her grandmother.

The Little Android: Technically this story is irrelevant to the rest of the series, as characters that we already know make a fairly brief appearance. But even so it’s a really good retelling of the Little Mermaid, keeping with the theme of fairytales being reimagined.

Glitches: The story of how Cinder came to live with Adri, Garan, Pearl and Peony. It’s sad but it gives the reader a little bit more insight into why Adri and Pearl disliked Cinder so much.

Something Old Something New: Set sometime after the end of Winter, all of the characters have returned to France, for Scarlet’s and Wolf’s wedding. It’s a very happy story that perfectly wraps up the series. 

At the end of the book there’s also a slight preview for Heartless, a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland.