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Board Minutes - February 24, 2009 PDF Print E-mail

February 24, 2009

Board Members Present:
Stan Kurzban     President
Janet Himel     Vice-President
Evelyn Bloom     Treasurer
Barbara Lowenthal     Secretary
Brian Socolow

Others Present:
Pamela Thornton     Director
Martha Alcott      Assistant Director
Gerri Carpino     Staff
Jo Lunetta     Staff
Kendra McQuilton     ECG Engineering, LLC (7:30pm-8:30pm)
Karen Shea     Student, Long Island University
Ilyssa Winokur     Student, Long Island University

I. Call to Order
Mr. Kurzban called the meeting to order at 7:30pm. He announced that Agenda Item II. A. "Use of Theater and CPR", would be tabled until the March 17, 2009, meeting.

II. Buildings and Grounds
A. Maintenance Update
1. Energy Study
Ms. McQuilton reviewed the engineering/consulting services provided by ECG and the library's financial and contractual responsibilities if it pursued an energy study with the company.
a. Overview
New York State has an incentive program to encourage school districts to pursue energy-efficient upgrades to their buildings. The costs of all upgrades must by funded by energy savings. ECG identifies the scope of work, known as the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), and selects an Energy Services Company (ESCO), to perform the work in accordance with SED regulations. The Chappaqua Central School District (CCSD) contracted with ECG for their services on Oct. 27, 2008. ECG then sent out Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Comprehensive Energy Audits of each of the CCSD's buildings. These proposals are due April 1, 2009. Because of the library's relation to the school district, the library building can be included in the CCSD energy study with ECG.
b. Payment for ECG and the ESCO
i. Compensation for ECG is funded by the ESCO through energy savings realized by the EPC.
ii. All ESCO proposals must include itemized lists of savings that will be achieved by energy upgrades. If the energy savings targets are not met, the ESCO must pay the difference.
c. Funding for Energy Upgrades Included in the Comprehensive Energy Audit
i. After the comprehensive energy audit, the library board would decide what energy upgrades it wants to implement. The library has no legal obligation to proceed with any of the ESCO's recommendations. Initial funding for the upgrades would be through a municipal lease finance arrangement with a bank. The total cost of the upgrades would be borrowed by the library and put in escrow by the bank. One year after all construction is complete, the bank would pay the ESCO for the total cost of their work through the escrow account. The library would then make payments on the municipal lease finance agreement for a maximum of eighteen years, until the total cost of the project was paid. All construction costs and the bank interest must be paid for through the energy savings obtained by the energy upgrades.
ii. The energy savings are calculated by the ESCO, which assigns someone to monitor and verify the energy savings each year. The ESCO proposals will include the amount the library must budget each year for each recommendation and the amount saved by each energy upgrade.
d. After a discussion of ECG's services, the board unanimously approved the motion that the library participate in the CCSD proposal for an energy audit with ECG.
e. Mr. Socolow asked when changes recommended by the library's counsel to the contract between the library and ECG could be made. Ms. McQuilton said that the changes could be made after the energy audit, when an ESCO is chosen for the library.
2. Roof Repairs
Ms. Thornton stated that Dennis MacDougall, Maintenance Consultant for the library, had begun discussing with architects the recommendations for roof repair/replacement in the Vanguard Roofing report. Since other recommendations may be forthcoming in the Comprehensive Energy Audit (see above), she recommended no further action on this matter at this time.

B. Public Restroom Project
1. Ms. Thornton said that Gabrielle Salman, architect for the project, had not yet submitted construction drawings and that fees for this work were included in Ms. Salman's original proposal.
2. Mr. Kurzban said that he had realized that no public restrooms would be available during the construction. Ms. Thornton said that portable, construction-site toilets would be made available for library patrons during the renovation.

C. Auerbacher Kids Computer Area
Ms. Thornton received three proposals from architects for the design of the refurbishment of the children's game computer area. She recommended the board accept the proposal of William Spade for $750 for basic services. The board unanimously approved the motion to authorize Ms. Thornton to accept the proposal.

D. Flooring
Ms. Thornton stated that replacement of the theater lobby carpet was a budgeted capital expense for this year and she planned to get estimates this month. She also noted that the existing flooring in the office area hallway will need replacement.

III. Reports
A. Library Director
Ms. Thornton discussed the following:
1. Zahra Baird will be appointed Young Adult Librarian as of April 6, 2009. This will be a Librarian II incremental promotion for Ms. Baird. The vacancy created by Ms. Baird's promotion will be listed as a Civil Service Librarian I for Children's Services position. The impact on the library budget of these personnel changes has not yet been determined.
2. The library's Annual Report will need board approval by the end of March. It will be emailed to all board members in the coming week.
3. The use of PayPal for donations and payment of fines and its compatibility with Sirsi need further investigation. Because of the fees for PayPal transactions, it is not clear that if it would be cost-effective for fine payment, although it would be for memberships to and donations by the Friends of the Library. Mr. Socolow noted that use of PayPal for fines could be limited to transactions over a certain minimum amount.
4. The board was asked to note the listing of conference ideas implemented by the library included in the director's written report. Mr. Socolow commended Ms. Thornton and the staff for this work.
5. The library is continuing to work on enhancing cooperation between the library and the CCSD School Board. Ms. Thornton and Ms. Alcott met with Lynn McKay, Asst. Superintendent of Curriculum, to plan workshops with teachers and librarians, and a library visit by teachers. Ms. Thornton will meet with the Chappaqua PTA next week.
6. John Chow of the CCSD had questioned why the library does not reimburse the school district for the library's portion of the tax certiorari refunds. According to the 2000 opinion by library counsel, the library is not obligated to reimburse the CCSD for the library's portion of these refunds. Ms. Thornton has notified Mr. Chow of the library's position.

B. Investment Investigation
Ms. Thornton asked the board to form a subcommittee composed of her, Ms. Lunetta, the current treasurer (Ms. Bloom), and the immediate past treasurer (Ms. Himel), to investigate and publicly recommend the best institution to serve the library's banking needs. Mr. Kurzban appointed the subcommittee.

IV. Public Comments and Questions
There were no public comments or questions.

V. Board Administration
A. The board unanimously approved the January 20, 2009, minutes.
B. Future meeting dates are Mar. 17, Apr. 21, and May 19.

VI. Finance
A. The board unanimously approved the January 2009 statements.
B. The board reviewed the January 2009 Capital Fund Report. The board noted that the Public Restroom project should be included in the Capital Fund Analysis.
C. The board unanimously approved the January 2009 bills.

VII. Budget
A. 2009-2010 - second draft
Ms. Thornton briefly reviewed the changes from the first draft. A copy of the Budget Narrative for the second draft is attached.
B. Projected Cost for Sunday Hours
Ms. Thornton reviewed her analysis of the projected cost for an additional Sunday hour of operation. The analysis, showing a total cost for the year of $55,348, included projected staff costs but not additional operating expenses. While the board unanimously agreed that it would benefit the community to have the library open an additional hour, and that the specific day of the week to which the time would be added could be decided at a later date, Mr. Kurzban suggested that a cost-benefit analysis should be used to justify any decision.
C. Board Recommendations
The board agreed that the budget should entail no increase in the school district tax, that the approximately $75,000 excess expected from the 2008-2009 budget be applied to the 2009-2010 budget, and that no additional funds be requested specifically for the capital fund. Ms. Thornton will revise the budget taking account of the board's recommendations and the personnel changes described above.

VIII. Executive Session
The Board entered Executive Session at 9:13pm and exited at 9:44pm.

IX. Adjournment
Mr. Kurzban adjourned the meeting by common consent at 9:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Lowenthal

Chappaqua Library 2009-2010 Budget Narrative for the second draft

I have increased the funds line from our previous budget to $55,000 to cover the increased expenditures (see below). Jo Lunetta and I are comfortable that this amount can be achieved.

Changes to Expenditures

Building Maintenance and Repair
The snow removal line has been increased by $1,000. Due to a harsh winter, the library has already spent over $7,000 for snow and ice removal. $4,000 was budgeted in 2008-2009.

Building Service Contracts
I have increased the fee we pay Dennis MacDougall by $324/year which is equal to a 3% increase. This line has not been increased since 2006.

This line has been adjusted to reflect an increase in printing costs for the bi-monthly calendar.

Professional Fees
ADP fees have been adjusted to reflect increased charges.

Travel & Miscellaneous
I have increased the travel budget as discussed at the last board meeting to include local professional development conferences.

I have spoken with Wayne Hay to purchase a self-checkout station this year. The $1,000 adjustment is to cover maintenance for this station in 2009-2010.

At the January meeting Brian Socolow asked for an explanation of the costs for Sunday hours at the library. Attached to this breakdown of what it would cost to be open for 5 hours on Sunday (Exhibit A) and 4 hours on Sunday (Exhibit B).

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