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Welcome to MUZZY Online!
In Spanish, French, English, German and Italian, MUZZY Online is a comprehensive, interactive and fun way to learn a second language.  For Chappaqua Library patrons only.

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Special Programs


Special Programs


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{yootooltip title=[Miriam Lang Budin-
Head of Children’s Services ] width=[350]}
Miriam Lang Budin
Head of Children’s Services{/yootooltip} This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
{yootooltip title=[Teresa Bueti - Children’s Librarian] width=[350]}
Teresa Bueti
Children’s Librarian{/yootooltip}
{yootooltip title=[Robbin Friedman - Children’s Librarian] width=[350]}
Robbin Friedman
Children’s Librarian{/yootooltip}
{yootooltip title=[Mercy Garland - Children’s Librarian] width=[350]}
Mercy Garland
Children’s Librarian{/yootooltip}
{yootooltip title=[Sarah Harshman - Children’s Librarian] width=[350]}
Sarah Harshman
Children’s Librarian{/yootooltip}
{yootooltip title=[Amanda Allen - Library Clerk | ] width=[350]}
Amanda Allen
Library Clerk{/yootooltip} {yootooltip title=[ Barbara Katz - Library Clerk | ] width=[350]}
Barbara Katz
Library Clerk{/yootooltip} {yootooltip title=[ Amy - Library Clerk | ] width=[350]}
Library Clerk{/yootooltip} {yootooltip title=[ Elizabeth Diederich - Library Clerk] width=[350]}
Elizabeth Diederich
Library Clerk{/yootooltip}

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Fun and Games!


Fun and Games!

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Photos and Videos

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