That's the sort of afternoon and evening we had yesterday in the Children's Room.

Steve Tomachek (A.K.A. "The Dirtmeister") regaled us with tales about scientific superheroes from Archimedes to Tesla and demonstrated some of their discoveries. Some in the audience found this made their hair stand on end:



We also found out that human beings are great conductors of electricity. this is shocking, in a good way:



We finished off our evening with a visit from two llamas and one alpaca from Hudson Valley Llamas. That certainly livened up our weekly Pajama Storytime! Many, many carrots were consumed by the llamas (see below):



Though we won't have llamas at the rest of the Pajama Storytimes this summer, we hope you'll join us on Thursday nights at 7:00. We'll wear out moose slippers, if you wear your jammies. Is that a deal?