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Statement on Diversity

Statement of Unity With Our Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islanders Community Members

The Chappaqua Library is united with all of our Asian, and Asian American, Pacific Islanders community members in standing up against hate, xenophobia and violence.  Violence towards any minority group is not the answer. We denounce the violence against those of Asian descent that has escalated in recent times.  We support those of Asian descent across the U.S. and in our community who feel targeted.  As a trusted source of information, the Chappaqua Library will work to address the fear and misinformation that is being spread, and use our resources to share the history of our Asian communities.

The Chappaqua Library believes that our library should be a safe haven for all members of our community, and we will not tolerate microaggressions, or any other behavior that makes any of our staff and patrons feel unsafe, unwelcome or unheard.


Due to Covid-19, service hours may change without notice. If in doubt, call ahead.

The Chappaqua Library is open for public in-person browsing.

Curbside pickup seven days a week. 

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